Burberry Classic


Valentina D.

My signature fragrance for years now. I've been using it since I was 17. It's a classy and timeless scent- I don't know how else to describe it- unlike anything I've smelled before.

Maurissa S.
It's a blend of cashmere and heaven!

To best describe it, it is the best day to night perfume secondary ONLY to Chanel #5. I have women, men with wives or girlfriends telling me I smell good I love it, it's my cashmere sweater of perfume. Always chic, never over done, perfectly classy. It's warm, with a calm cool clean feel, and fresh with crisp top notes. It's always sexy and with a perfect touch of charm.

Morgan M.

i really cant say enough about this perfume, it smells HEAVENLY! and lasts all day! i actually got my first bottle when my great-grandma gave it to me a while back, and had it for at least two years, and the scent didnt change in the least bit. it makes you smell warm and cozy, but at the same time clean and fresh. its perfect for the daytime?work hours and brings you into a classy mood. i highly recommend this perfume.

Barbi W.

This is my all time favorite perfume. I started using it when I was 17 and worked in a department store where a co-worker friend would sneak me samples every once in a while. Over 5 years later I'm still in love!

It is just the right strength of scent, not too sweet, not too floral, not too musky. It is the perfect feminine perfume which can be worn any time and anywhere and I get complimented constantly when I'm wearing it! (and the scent-picky BF loves it! extra perk!)

Catherine T.
Perfect for work!

I really like this perfume for work. I think it smells great for the day time. It smells very elegant and fresh. I always carry it around with me! I definitely recommend this perfume.

Ericka M.

Love Love LOVe this fragrance. It reminds me of Simply by Clinique which is no longer avaliable. Its warm and sensual yet clean and fresh. I was so happy when I found it and wish I could wear it everyday, but I have tons of perfume so I have to switch it up.

Myrna P.

I have never like a perfume the way I like this one. This is so soft and so great. When people walk past me or me past them, I always get asked what perfume is that... :D