Beauty Product Reviews

Great setting powder for a natural look

I really love this powder and use it with a couple different foundations as it doesn't settle in pores/creases and never cakes. It takes some of the shine out of my t-zone without completely mattifying my skin which is awesome because I prefer a glowy complexion. It's not great for setting undereye products, otherwise I would have given it five stars.

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The most flawless, natural look you can achieve.

I wanted to try RCMA because the foundations I used gave me a super ghostly look in photos and I was sick of the Twilight references. The range of foundation colors is great and keeps me from looking glow-in-the-dark in photos. You only need a little product to cover your entire face but the coverage is extremely buildable. It creates a very natural look/finish so you can have a dewy look or matte it down with powder. I find that I don't need concealer with this product and the shades in the palette I bought will suit me from my pale winter skin to my darkest summer tan. It's very gentle on my skin and doesn't dry me out which is essential. I've already purchased a full size of my current color and will definitely buy more shades for contouring and highlighting.

If you use brushes then you absolutely need this

I have repurchased this product a couple times now and honestly this is the best stuff for your brushes. It smells citrusy and clean and leaves your brushes disinfected and residue free. I used to shampoo my brushes all the time and there would still be pigment hanging around in the bristles but with Parian Spirit they are cleaner and look brand new. I've gotten several people hooked on this stuff and I will purchase this as long as I use makeup brushes (which will be forever).

My favorite pore clearing mask of all time

I'm a clay mask fanatic for pore cleansing and this is the best product I've ever used. About twice a week I use a very thin layer over my t-zone and it leaves me with tiny, clean pores and a radiant complexion. I'm not prone to acne but I have used this as an overnight spot treatment when I get the occasional zit it's much smaller and significantly less red by morning. It's very gentle and leaves me with such smooth skin. I had used a sample of the tingle mask previously and thought that the price was kind of outrageous but a sales rep told me to use a very thin layer and the jar I currently have has lasted three months and I still have about a third of the product left. Considering how well it works, the price is very reasonable. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to clean/tighten pores and get a radiant glow--even those with sensitive skin (and I'm one of them!) will find it a great product.

Gorgeous, long-lasting, and ultra pigmented

Probably the best gloss I've found in years. It stays on without stickiness and the pigmentation is superb--you don't need to pile it on to get the opaque black color promised. I'll most likely purchase more shades from armour in the future and I'll definitely repurchase the Femme Fatale shade.

Best everyday gloss for a natural look

I bought this because I'd heard good things about Korres products, especially the lip glaze, and I was not disappointed. The lip glaze is a thicker consistency that most glosses with a smooth, non-sticky texture. It applies easily--the tube only gives you a small amount of product at a time (unless you're going crazy Hulk hands or something) so you can control just how much you're getting. With the Jasmine glaze, the color is sheer pink, so your natural lip color will show through. I also own the Raspberry lip glaze and that one is a rich, opaque berry color. It's very moisturizing and wears well--I get about 5-6 hours of wear, provided I'm not eating or drinking. I definitely recommend the lip glaze in Jasmine for a great everyday color, but the whole line seems great. Will definitely repurchase :)