Beauty Product Reviews

Foundation Brush

I have this brush I don't always reach for it with all the other brushes I have. It's a great brush and applied my foundation really well but I just don't use it a lot. It's stiffer than the 188 and small like it so I would choose this one over the 188


I recently got into UD (I'm a Mac Girl) and I've never tried their eyeliners before this kit. I couldn't pass up the deal of 15 eyeliners for >$10 each! What a deal! The only thing I didn't like about this set was that it was so expensive to buy $100 worth of eyeliners right away. When you break it down it's a great deal but still hard to put down 100 for "1 item". Over All A+

Really Great Palette Overall!

I really like the UDNP! I have a lot of Mac eyeshadows and there are plenty of dupes for the UDNP but I really like how it's all together and the color pay off is wonderful! I was so excited to get this. I got the first edition of the palette which consisted of the palette, primer potion, and the eyeliner. I've heard the "new one" is the same thing but with a brush. I personally like the eyeliner so I don't have to carry so many items and I can just put that in my travel bag and go!