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  • Online Beauty Lingo for Beginners

    Online Beauty Lingo for Beginners

    When you first start playing with beauty products, there are terms people say online that you might not know yet. Don’t worry, Beauties, we'll help you learn to follow a makeup tutorial with ease. Keep reading for definitions of those seemingly foreign words and abbreviations!

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  • Inglot's Smoky Eye Tips

    Inglot's Smoky Eye Tips

    Inglot's new color palettes and makeup range are taking the beauty world by storm. We chatted with the Inglot team on their tips for a perfect smoky eye.

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  • Sanitize Eye Liners

    Sanitize Eye Liners

    Products that are applied near your eyes need to be free of germs—the last thing you want to do is wake up with a nasty eye infection. To ensure your eye liner is bacteria-free, here are three easy ways to sanitize your pencil, liquid, and gel eye liners.

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  • Counter Confidential: Lashing Out

    Counter Confidential: Lashing Out

    Beautylish's Undercover Beauty Agent reveals a true lash extension nightmare story. Keep reading to find out why this routine beauty procedure went horribly wrong.

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  • Summer Beauty Talk With XSparkage

    Summer Beauty Talk With XSparkage

    Beautylish chats with Beauty Guru Leesha (better known as XSparkage). Keep reading for her top summer beauty picks and how she deals with the Texan heat!

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  • D.I.Y. Avocado Recipes
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    D.I.Y. Avocado Recipes

    Avocados (the fruit that taste like a buttery vegetable) are delicious and offer amazing benefits to your skin, from moisturizing and treating sun damage to preventing pimples. Keep reading for a few of our favorite recipes with this creamy summer fruit!

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  • DIY Watermelon Recipes
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    DIY Watermelon Recipes

    Watermelon is synonymous with summer and makes for a refreshing, dessert when the weather warms up. But this healthy treat is also packed with vitamins and antioxidants, so the next time you slice into a chunk of this fruit, save some extra pieces to create a natural and refreshing mask.

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  • How to Do Winged Eyeliner
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    How to Do Winged Eyeliner 

    There’s something about a simple winged eyeliner look that looks good on everyone. Here, LA-based makeup artist Jason Sanchez walks us through how to do each step. Grab your tools and follow along!

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  • DIY Makeup Magnet Board
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    DIY Makeup Magnet Board

    If you're like us and have way too much makeup to handle, here's an amazing and easy way to store your makeup magnetically—never neglect any of your products again with this ingenious idea!

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  • What Causes Pimples?

    What Causes Pimples?

    Did you know that the location of your blemish can tell you how it got there in the first place? Learn why your zits can give you clues about other issues in your body from Dermalogica Director of Global Education Annet King.

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