Beauty Product Reviews

I bought this in Ice Queen and Ocean Breeze while on a glitter kick and i was not impressed. I swatched the colors on my hand first and i loved them the glitter went on even and stayed in place. I tried rubbing my hand once it had set to see how the glitter creams held up and they didnt move. To bad it was a completely different story on my eyes. No matter how hard i tried the glitter was patchy and creased almost instantly. I can still use it for my face and body though, which i guess is something.

I was given the original 88, shimmer, warm, and metal mania for my birthday last year. I dont use the shimmer and metal mania palette that much but the original and warm have become part of my daily routine. Most of the colors are very pigmented and blend well. I had more trouble with the metal mania palette as far as blending goes. Its not impossible, just takes more work.

I love these! I bought Milk awhile back and just got Cottage Cheese, Gold, Lime, Purple, Baby Blue and Black Bean when the set went on sale at Haute Look. All the colors are amazing but i use Milk almost every day. I've never had a problem with creasing but i can see how using to much or not pairing it with a primer would cause trouble.