Beauty Product Reviews

I own one of these and it's AWESOME! I have the number 07 KISS KISS KISS, it gives you juicy and plump lips. Smells AMAZING, not sticky, moisturize your lips, and it's not pricey, definitely a great lip-gloss to own. (:

I bough two duos: 05 Ever Glam and 01 Dream Team. Good eye-shadows for what I paid for them, cheap, easy to apply. I just think that the white eye-shadow can be a little bit chalky and it falls out very easily.

Best waterproof eyeliner and it's cheap. It dries very fast so if you don't have a steady hand you might mess up real big in the first times. Doesn't smudge at all!

When I bought this eyeliner and tried to use it it was completely dry. So I pulled the tip of the filter and putted the bottom up. It's like new again. It's cheap so I wasn't expecting much. It's easy to apply and dries fast.

It's a very nice mascara my eyelashes are very thin so when I wear this mascara they become very thick and long. I think that it's a little bit dry, I don't know if it happened this just with me. Overall it's very good.

I bought this eyeliner in brown and it's very good. It stays all day and has the right texture. It doesn't smudge, very easy to apply. It fits all my needs and it's not expensive!