Beauty Product Reviews

So pigmented!

I was in need of a yellow eyeshadow, I was trying all different brands. I came across a video on YouTube that suggested sugarpill. I went on the website and ordered. Immediately tried the eyeshadow as soon as the package came to my house, and may I add the packaging was adorbs! I used primer and swatched the eyeshadow. It was so pigmented, bright and gorgeous! The more you apply the brighter it gets, so you can have a suddle or flamboyant look. Perfect!

Can I just take a second to say how much I love this product? I have thicker than thick, curly out of control hair. Moroccan oil is my best friend on some days, it never fails me haha! Super easy to just throw in your hair and have nice controlled locks till you shower again! Lovelovelove.