Beauty Product Reviews

This product is amazing, in my opinion, especially for the low price of $3.00. The packaging over all is great. It is so sleek. When you open it up you have a huge mirror. I sometimes use this mirror to do all of my makeup in the morning. The four colors you get are very pigmented. They are very smooth and not chalky. The two brown shades are great for contouring. If one day you want a very deep contour then use the darker brown. If you want a lighter, more subtle contour, then use the lighter brown. You can even combine them to get the perfect shade for you. The blush is a gorgeous deep coral with a warm undertone. You might even call it a light brown. The highlight is a matte cream color. I love this color to highlight my cheekbones. Overall this palette is a great buy. It is perfect for travel. You can just stick it in your purse and take it with you to school or work, or where ever you have to be. I love this palette and I am so happy I purchased it.