Beauty Product Reviews

Itensifies Eye Shadows!

I absolutely LOVEEE NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, I want ever color there is! Haha, seriously though, amazing products. Creamy, easy to apply, very blendable. Can apply to your lid directly, with your finger, or with a brush. Helps give those low pigmented shadows you own, or even your amazingly pigmented eyeshadows a tremondous BOOST of color, and I find my look will last longer. **I apply a primer underneath still though

First lipstick I have ever owned and I love it! Amazing fun color, I like to wear it with simple natural eyes. SO SO SO SO pigmented, I love it. Also very smooth, just glides right on. Moisturizing, though the one thing that keeps me from rating this lipstick with 5 stars is does not last very long at all.

When summer started I was looking for a really good tinted moisturizer that also had somewhat good coverage, which is hard to find in a tinted moisturizer. Honestly, the packaging made me buy this product, it is absolutely adorable and I feel it has much more product inside the tube compared to other tinted mositurizers which come in small little tubes. The coverage was really impressive for a tinted moisturizer I was happy about it. Though I do have to apply a powder over because my face becomes all shiny on forhead if I don't. As I apply this product to my face I feel it also has a cooling feel to it as I apply, which I enjoy. Its organic, great coverage, cute packaging, I love this!

This was my first Urban Decay product I have ever owned, my mom purchased it for me back in december for christmas. I was sooo excited, I love the packaging cover and all the colors neatly lined up in 2 rows. I have never owned so many eyeshadows, specially in colors! I couldn't wait to use it.

The pigmentation of each color is amazing! Many many combo you can do with this palette, the only duo I have actually done with the way it is paired off is the half baked/twice baked and the flipside/flash duos. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. I have yet to try the eyeshadows wet though, I will be trying that soon. Easy to blend, easy to apply, I never have problem with fallout.

Though sadly I have three little cons for this palette, nothing to big. First, the brush, I hate the brush, its stiff it hurts my eyes, doesn't pick up any of the product, I just tossed it. Second, the actually top part of my palette is becoming loose, actually fell off once but it's a quick fix you just have to screw it on again. Lastly, if you are not a shimmer fan, then stay away there are no matte shadows on here, the closest to a matte finish is Flash (the bright purple). Shimmer and glitter is what consists in this palette, which is disappointing when it comes to highlight time, I end up reaching for another product.

Overall, I still absolutely love this product, and do use it everyday.