Beauty Product Reviews

Airbrush Finish!

The BEST concealer I have ever purchased!! This concealer covers up any blemishes or awful spots I may get perfectly. The applicator is so easy to use as it is in a brush form but I do find a lot of the time I still tend to use my actual concealer brush to do the blending. I also use this to cover up any dark circles I may get under my eyes and it does this amazingly. I absolutely adore this product and would advise you all try it if you are looking to purchase a new one. It lasts an extremely long time if you use it wisely, especially as you really do not need much. One thing about this is that I do find is that if you apply to much, when you start blending it into your skin it begins to dry out and look slightly flaky. However this is not something that can't be prevented. Using less works fine. I love it!

Fantastic Everyday Foundation

I was first given this product from my Auntie as she had unfortunately purchased the wrong shade and from then on I completely fell in love with it! I usually use about half a pump a day and this little still gives me full coverage. I have fairly dry skin but applying this on top of my moisturiser gives the perfect finish. I have been complimented so much on my skin since using this as it leaves it looking extremely clear and there is no shine at all. I recommend this product for anyone who is looking to buy a new foundation, or just fancies a change. You definitely get what you pay for! Thank you Mac!