Beauty Product Reviews


I have this in Cherry Me and Peach Kiss. Cherry Me is a glossy red color and very pretty, but it dries and fades very quickly! Peach Kiss is a nude/beige color with flecks of shimmer. It basically just adds a little shimmer, and it smells amazing!!!

Good mascara.

I just bought this mascara today at Walgreen's. Let me just say, it's awesome! It was very cheap. When I first put it on, I immediately noticed more length! However, as I added more, it began to get clumpy, contrary to what it said on the package. I quickly 'de-clumped' my lashes with a lash comb, however. Overall, this is a really great mascara! It adds length to my super-short lashes, and clumps can be taken out with a lash comb!


Oh my gosh. I just bought the strawberry sorbet flavor at Target last week, and I'm obsessed with this lip balm! It's packaged ADORABLY, and smells great! It goes on pretty smoothly. I definitely recommend buying this, especially because it's so cheap!