Beauty Product Reviews

holy grail product!

Whenever a break out appears on my face this is the product I reach for. It shows results, reduced size and inflammation of pimples within 12-24hrs, or less. The active ingredient in this product is benzoyl peroxide, which I prefer over salicylic acid because it works better at treating my acne. Benzoyl peroxide tends to be stronger and more harsh, so treat a small area of skin to test for an allergic reaction. I use this cream at night as a treatment after I have cleansed my face. This cream can be used under makeup and be worn throughout the day, but I have seen better results by just using it alone. The vanishing cream formula is my favorite over the tinted version because the tinted one seems to lean on the orange side and is not flattering on my light skin. I have used this product religiously for close to 9 years and it will always be one of my must have beauty products!