Lisa Estrella Y.

Location: Wisconsin

Beauty For All

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About Me

I am a beauty enthusiast, catering to any human being interested in self-esteem and beauty. There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of successfully helping someone find their beauty inside and out :). Don't be shy to ask me q's XOX. To my viewers, let me know what you want to see and I'll do a tutorial. :)

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Undertone: Warm
Skin Type: Oily
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Oily, Normal



Q: What is your ethnicity?
A: 100% Hmong

Q: Why do you like makeup so much?
A: Makeup is an incredible medium which we can show others how we see ourselves. Makeup is a way to express ourselves, and if others do not approve of that move on to other people!

Q: When did you start using makeup?
A: I started using makeup when I had a bad acne attack from the start of high school until my second year in college. I used to be so insecure about my face and skin that I would use makeup to cover it all up. Today I have never been more confident, with or without the use of cosmetics.

Q: What is one thing you wish others knew about you?
A: I absolutely love talking to people and getting to know new people. If you have a question about myself or beauty, feel free to shoot me a comment, email, or tweet---I am here for you. :)