Beauty Product Reviews

Flakey and cheap

ULTA was having a sale on NYX, and for $6, it was well worth the try. Mixed feelings about this palette. The colors are beautiful and highly pigmented, but it does not blend very well. The compact case felt very cheap, and the applicators... well, they're not good. They're visible during the day, but when night comes, you will have to reapply them again because they flake off. I don't think I will be making this purchase again.

Dark circles BE GONE!

My friends all know that I absolutely HATE my DARK CIRCLES! So I'm always on the hunt to find the perfect concealer. I think I may have found it. This erase paste will conceal my under eye dark circles, blemishes, redness, broken capillaries, etc. It blends well, covers well, doesn't wear off or clump up. It also goes on very smoothly and is very easy to apply with your fingers/brush. It's a bit pricey - $26, but a little bit does go a long way. I would recommend this if you're battling dark circles.

Neutral to Dramatic in one box

I LOVE ITTT!! So many neutral colors for every day looks! They're highly pigmented, easy to apply, doesn't crease, and they're long lasting. You can create a day to evening look using this palette. The brush is also very good quality. It's pricey $48, but if you do that math, you get 12 different eye colors in one, whereas if you were to purchase one individually, it will cost you $17 each. :) Worth the buy, but be quick it on. It tend to sell out fast. I've been trying to get my hands on these since last Christmas!!

Subtle and beautiful

This is a great everyday blush. It's pigmented, light weight, easy to apply, and looks very neutral. It also comes with a brush. It can also be used for highlighting and contouring your face. $28. It's not that bad since it's a big box of blush in there. :)

Affordable and wearable

The colors are great, and for the price (Jumbo - $4.48) it's not that bad. Highly pigmented, easy to apply, has a silky texture, and it's cheap. Problem, they wear out fast, creases, and it flakes, but hey, it's affordable. So no complaints here. :) You get what you paid for.

Brightens up skin complexion

LOVE IT! It's light, non greasy, refreshing, goes on smoothly and does not make my skin oily at all. Within a couple of days, it has made my face a lot brighter. I no longer have that dull complexion that I usually dread during the summer. >.<** Usually, emulsion comes in a more gel like form that lacks SPF, but I am extremely pleased with this one. Only thing I didn't like, the price. It was $28 for a 1.7 oz bottle. I hope they lower the price or at least make the bottle a bit bigger.