Beauty Product Reviews

One of the best foundations i've ever used.

Nothing compares to it, except for the time i had my makeup done with the studio finish foundation by MAC. With combination skin it can sometimes be hard to find a drugstore makeup that'll do the job, and i love that i don't need to break the bank for this. It's a great buy. It really does stay and it helps give you an even foundation (pun intended). I love that it has buildable coverage, it was hard for me to find a drugstore makeup that was buildable but not cakey. It even gave my pores a minimized look! This is by far the best foundation i've ever used. Another great thing is that I felt like I wasn't even wearing it, it was light but gave great coverage. I would highly recommend this foundation.

Such a great polish!

I love this polish. I would definitely recommend this polish to anyone who wants an interesting shade of color with a great unique texture. it's long lasting too, it took forever for mine to chip. and it has easy removal, its just a great polish in one bottle (:

Works great!

This brand has a great color range, and the nail polish has a really good consistency. I've had a couple bottles for years and they still work like they're brand new. They layer pretty well and its a very good quality nail polish, i also really like the cap.