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feels so fresh

I use my acne cleanser (neutrogena stress control cream cleanser) at night and the Korres Milk Proteins cleanser in the morning and my skin has never felt or looked so good! I love the feeling you get from the Korres cleanser. It feels very refreshing and smells amazing! I think it's great for all skin types, but I especially love it for my oily skin because it removes all that nasty oil residue I tend to get in my sleep. My skin also tends to be sensitive to products and I haven't had a problem with this one. I love that it's natural too. Definitely will re-purchase!

new holy grail

This is definitely a new holy grail in my makeup bag. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I like to switch up my foundation daily--BB creams to tinted moisturizers to full fledged foundations or even simply my rms "un" cover up--but I always put my rms "un" powder on top of whatever I've used for the day! It sets everything beautifully, makes your skin feel so soft, and doesn't leave a white mask. Not to mention it keeps me matte pretty much all day--I have super oily skin, but I never have to reapply this product! I also love that it's natural and doesn't clog my pores. I truly believe this product helped clear some of the breakouts that were occurring on my forehead. I used to cake on the rimmel stay matte powder for mattifying purposes, but since I came across the rms "un" powder, NO breakouts and NO OIL!

streak free color

This stuff is awesome. I had used the regular mousse before, but I decided to try the Dark one for New Years this year. It's super easy to use when you apply with the mitt, and the color looks so natural without any streaks!! My skin is pretty fair, but the dark mousse worked perfectly. Will definitely purchase this product again when I run out! (but the bottle is huge so I have a feeling it will last a looong time :)

mattifies beautifully

I bought this because I wanted a change from my usual glossy nails. I had never had matte nails before so I was a little skeptical, but it turns out that I love them! It changes the feel of any color and applies really easily. It dries pretty quickly too! So happy I have this top coat in my collection now!

love this bronzer

All of the positive reviewers on here aren't lying! I wanted a matte bronzer so I decided to try this one. It smells like HEAVEN and is easily build able, which makes it a great year-round bronzer in my opinion :) I don't think I'll ever use a different one! It feels and smells like you're putting cocoa powder on your face (in a good way)

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creamy and wonderful!

I just bought this concealer in shade 22. I was using the Nars concealer stick before this and let me tell you--I'm SO happy I switched! I noticed the stick would increase any dryness and make it more flaky/noticeable. It ended up enhancing my pimples and flaws at times. The rms concealer is perfect because it is so rich and creamy. It helps moisturize my spots and cover them up at the same time. The coverage is great. You can layer it on if you have bad hyper pigmentation, or you can do it very lightly for a subtle glow all over. I wasn't sure about which shade to choose and I was confused as to why there were so little to choose from, but now that I've used it I know why. It blends into your skin tone! I agree with the other reviewers that it's like a light foundation as well! LOVE!

citrusy clean brushes

I bought the Parian Spirit brush cleaning system from Beautylish and WOW. I fell in love my first use. I honestly think Parian makes cleaning brushes fun because it smells great and it's a great feeling when you can SEE the product melting off the brushes. It's very satisfying. I have cleaned all my roommates brushes as well. I want all girls to know how fun cleaning your brushes can be!! And how much better they feel on your skin after a good cleanse :)

little goes a long way

You can use a tiny pea size amount of this cleanser and get a GREAT BIG lather with some warm water. After using this cleanser, my face feels squeaky clean. The only downside is that my eyes burn if this gets near them, but it keeps blemishes away so it's worth it. I have combination/oily skin and I find this product really works to keep my skin balanced! Followed with a good moisturizer, you can't really go wrong with this. My best friend uses it also and loves it!!


These wipes smell delicious and do a great job at removing face and eye makeup. I often split one in half to use on my entire face so I don't waste them. Will definitely repurchase!

grabs any and every hair

These are miracle tweezers!! They literally grab the tiniest of hairs. They're also great at removing ingrown hairs since they are so precise and sharp! Just make sure you sanitize afterwards :)

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