Beauty Product Reviews

Ehh, it's alright.

I bought this pallet in the colors "in the nude" and was a bit disappointed. The colors are beautiful and shimmery but they really don't work we'll unless you use them with water. With water the colors really stand out more and look how they actually look on the pan. Otherwise they just look very translucent and it's hard to make them stick on the eye, even with a primer.

Amazing foundation!

Best foundation I've ever used, hands down. Goes on so smoothly, covers fully and lasts all day. Really minimizes my pores and has a nice matte finish but doesn't dry out my skin. I love it love it love it!


This mascara is OK... However I noticed that after I put one coat on it dries so quickly then when I go to put a second coat on it flakes a bit onto my face, which really sucks. I feel like this mascara is too dry, doesnt glide onto your lashes. Also, not a fan of the brush. Would have been better if it were plastic.