Beauty Product Reviews

Good for the price. I have really full lips so I like my lipstick to be consistent and long lasting. These lipsticks tend to be a bit thick for my tastes and wear of quick. However, for $4.99 I can't really complain. The color selection that I've seen has been pretty basic. I haven't seen any real crazy colors...which I would absolutely love!

How can you not love this!

Since buying this I have to remind myself to use my other palettes! So many looks to create! Absolutely in love! Works for day or night, whether you want to do a minimal or full on look. It's totally worth every penny. You'll get good use out of it!

Great moisturizer!

I bought it in a set. And it's one of the only two products I use from the whole set. It's a good moisturizer. But I have pretty neutral skin.

Cleanser + Toner! Great Makeup remover!

I love Philosophy! I'm super lazy and notorious for walking into the house in the wee hours to pass out with a full face of makeup on. No bueno. Purity is great because it cleans and tones your face and gets the makeup quick!! Totally worth it!