Beauty Product Reviews


This is by far the BEST leave in conditioner. This product leaves hair with split ends smoothed down, hair feeling soft, and looking extremely shiny! I have tried many leave in conditioners but this has to be the best. As crazy as this sounds, this product is really comparable to the Moroccan oil, even though they are two totally different formulas.

Depending on the shade, not too bad.

I purchased four of these nail polish. Two of them suck, and the other two are really good! The two that I recommend are pink promenade( Hot pink), and the clear top coat. The other two I tried are very very poor as far as the color goes. Even with three or four coats I found it hard to get nice color.


I found this made my hair feel like plastic or straw. Didn't do a good job at moisturizing either. Ill stick to my Morrocian Oil, or my Avon leave in conditioner.