Beauty Product Reviews


First of all it's HUMONGOUS, will last forever! This formula is soo buttery and pigmented. The color may seem intimidating but it's actually stunning. It has a beautiful shift to it. I need to gather the other skin frost shades!!!

Too cakey!!

unfortunately this is a definite miss for me. I bought it in medium after hearing about it from a youtube guru. I have horrible undereye circles, so i bought it for that. First of all, it went in my fine lines and made it appear as bad wrinkles. (i am 22!) and the color instead of making the undereye lighter it actually darkened it. And it was way tooo cakey. i tried it with my fingers, brushes, beauty blender, everything! nothing seemed to work. I don't recommend it at all.

Best lipgloss\lip plumper EVER!!

I love these lipglosses. It has an amazing range of shades and colors to choose from.( and have the cutest names) the consistency isn't to goopy nor liquidy, it's just rite! The cooling sensation is great, it does plump your lips for a while. But best yet is the staying power. It's not like those other lipglosses where after an hour it's like you didn't have anything on. IT ACTUALLY LASTS! the only thing is it's kind of pricey, but you can definetely find some good deals now and then.

Great top coat

This is a great top coat from sally hansen! It's very shiny, and lives up to it's name (NO CHIPPING). Definetely affordable. Because it has a gel consistey, it tends to become goopy after a while. I ahve heard though you can add the thinner and it'll be good as new. So i'm going to have to try that, hopefully it works out.

amazing pigmentation!!

These are one of the most pigmented blushes out ther. They are very soft, so you have to be carefull when using them. The only down side is I wish there were more shades. The price is amazing for the amount of product you get. Definetely recomend these, especially if you're building up your collection.