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most reached for

As a make up artist I use a variety of products, this is the one mascara I reach for above all others. It just does what is says. Using it with disposable wands or a mascara fan, this is consistently the one I reach for to do eyes for brides, fashion work and film.


Much more economical and practical for long film shoots, I used this as part of a zombie shoot and love the consistency of the product. Practicality speaking this is a great resource for video and film work.

excellent blender

One of the best blending brushes on the market I own several of these brushes and do use them regularly. The biggest downside is the price, although high quality their are alternatives at lower prices. Professionally its a must have for me though.

pro foundation brush

One of the best brush ranges on the market Japonesque has produced a winner again. Solidly built and suited for professional and consumer use I am a fan of this range. Downside being the pro length ones can be difficult to find.

take it or leave it brush

I am not really that impressed by this brush. I bought it because a friend raved about the brushes and I am really underwhelmed, its no better and no worse than some of my other premium brand brushes. If anything its a standard blending brush and I would bypass in favour of my ten image or bdellium tools brushes.


I am a big fan of nars eye brushes and this has always been a favorite for blending. I was heartbroken when it was stolen. Expensive but worth the money this brush is beautifully crafted and a top of the line brush that was a major investment for my kit.


One of the most versatile products I have found, this is designed for make up artists and is suitable to create a variety of looks. One of my go to products for bridal and beauty work.

make up artist must have

A complete must have this product is perfect for make up artists. Compact in size but giving the most versatile range of colour and versatility. I have used this on the cheeks, lips and eyes when I was stuck for a product that would suit my needs.

lip brush simplicity

A simple and basic lip brush, perfectly shaped and ideal for the job at hand. What more can you ask for from a lip brush. Made of natural hair its still one of the best on the market for the task at hand you can't find better, as a make up artist I am a fan of make up brushes for all my work and this is a straight forward simple brush that does what it says.

most reached for

This is the most reached for mascara I use. As I tend to use disposables or mascara fans I prefer this mascara, it offers good quality at a reasonable price. My clients love the effect, the pigmentation is spot on for the task at hand, I reccomend this to anyone.

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