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  • Childhood Memories Inspire a Beauty Editor's Obsession
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    Childhood Memories Inspire a Beauty Editor's Obsession

    How did you first develop your passion for beauty? I've had a strange pull to the world of makeup, hair, and skin care for as long as I can remember—but why? One day I reflected on my past—determined to find out.

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  • Hello Kitty Manicures!
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    Hello Kitty Manicures!

    Meow! Beauties, we’ve noticed a certain adorable bow-clad feline adorning your fingertips. To celebrate all things Sanrio, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Hello Kitty manicures for your enjoyment.

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  • Look 5 Pounds Thinner with Makeup!
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    Look 5 Pounds Thinner with Makeup!

    The most common New Year's resolution is to lose weight. And with 2012 just around the corner, eating healthy and hitting the gym will be on many of our minds. Fortunately, makeup can come in handy when you need to sculpt a more slender shape. Keep reading for easy contouring tricks from Jennifer Lopez's makeup guru Scott Barnes.

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  • Body By Kit: High Butt, Happy Life

    Body By Kit: High Butt, Happy Life

    Need a new outlook in 2012? Fitness expert Kit Rich shares her "High Butt, Happy Life" philosophy as well as her best tips for a tight and toned backside.

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  • Do the Twist!

    Do the Twist!

    So over the braids trend? Twists are the next big fad for spring! The effect adds texture and sophistication to any ’do and are easier to master than a complex plait. Keep reading to see the latest and greatest rolled styles.

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  • New Year's Eve Makeup Tutorial

    New Year's Eve Makeup Tutorial

    Get ready to paint the town red with a sparkling makeup look from Beautylish’s Jasmine. Whether you’re heading to a family get-together or a big holiday bash, this look works for any event. Keep reading to learn how to glam up for the last night of the year!

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