Beauty Product Reviews

My friend introduced me to BB cream, but I did not get the concept of it from her. I looked up what BB cream did and I was amazed by what it can do. I order this in No.23. The color is perfect for me, but the coverage is okay. I would have to put on concealer for some spots. Other than that, I love this product. It has helped my skin reduce the oil. I do not wear powder with this and my oil does not produce as much.

I bought this tinted moisturizer two months ago. And I didn't like it at all. I applied it with a foundation brush and it looked streaky. I tried it with a stippling brush and it was hard to blend. It also made me look oily. When I blot, it made me look dry and blotchy. I also tried using it with my fingers and I would say that is the best way, but still oily and less blotchy. So, recently I tried mixing this with my slightly darker Cover girl foundation and it works much better. Less oily than before and no more dry blotches.Overall, I would not recommend for oily skin. The only good thing is the light weight feel and the smell.

A friend bought this for me 2 years ago. It was part of my birthday present. This brush is great. Packs on color and it's soft. So, no harsh stabbing on my eye lids.