Beauty Product Reviews

I cannot live without

I stopped using bright and crazy eyeshadow colors after purchasing this palette. I have the coastal scents 88 palette and the ELF palette. Those are hidden in my drawer because this is all I use. I cannot live without this... The colors are perfect for a natural contour. Bootycall and Tease are going to hit pan before any of the others. My HG product!


Perfect for when you need to soften your lips before applying lipstick. There's a color for each shade of lipstick. The cherry one has a red tone, the orange one has a coral tone, the pink has a pink tone, the green and blue ones are clear ... perfect for just as a lip balm.

It isn't a miracle worker but it's fantastic!

This product before my make-up made my skin look flawless. It was amazing. I did expect a miracle to happen (no oil throughout the entire day) but I was being unrealistic. I got oily after 4 or 5 hours (which is more than usual) and then I decided to pat some more on my nose & t-zone area and it made my make-up look like I JUST applied! It really is great and I am in love. HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT FOR SURE! Follow me on twitter & IG: @GoldenBeltran

Ciao dolls!