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Amazing Foundation For Flawless Skin

This foundation looks amazing on everyone. I use it on myself and clients. It's more liquid and slightly less dewy in terms of texture compared to the KGD Moisture foundation (also amazing).

Koh Gen Do has got the foundation game locked down. This looks like a second skin, but can be built up to full coverage. Like, how? It never looks cake-y or heavy.

I can use this on male models, child models, red carpet clients and they all look flawless. I use the Aqua formula on myself when I want a more satin/matte finish and I use the Moisture when I'm feeling dry or tired and want a dewy look.

I did a full swatch video on youtube. I don't have all the shades yet, but am getting there!

It also made my top 6 holy grail foundations blog post: There are more photos in that post of the foundation, both while wearing it and swatches.

If you've been considering switching to foundation with more natural ingredients, then you will love the Aqua foundation. I sometimes forget that it's actually good for skin too.

Overall, if you've been considering this foundation, go for it. I will be buying it again and again.

Holy Grail for Dry + Mature Skin

This foundation is amazing for dry and mature skin. It makes me look super fresh and doesn't settle in my forehead or eye lines.

I also have used it on two young clients who were on acne medication and the other foundation I tried was pilling off into balls. The moisture foundation gave them flawless looking coverage, no pilling. It really becomes one with your skin.

The coverage is a bit more than a CC cream and builds with a second layer up to medium/full coverage. I set it with a setting spray and have no problem making it last 12+ hours.

I brought this foundation to Miami with me in August for a friend's wedding. It looked beautiful the entire time and my face looked surprisingly fresh, but not sweaty in all the photos.

I did a full review of this foundation on my blog and also did a swatch video on my youtube channel, search: girlgetglamorous koh gen do swatches. If you are trying to decide on shades, this might be helpful.

I know the price point feels steep, but the formula really delivers. It's a more natural formula as well and has skincare level ingredients. I always feel like base makeup is one of the most important parts of your makeup, so I'm willing to invest as this does keep skin from breakouts etc. It's a quality foundation!

There is no better Red Lipstick Shade...

Than Ardency Inn Lovecat. It brightens your teeth and even somehow makes my skin look brighter.

It reaches full pigmentation in 1 swipe. It lasts 10+ hours. It's lightweight. This is a must buy lipstick.

I wish Ardency Inn was more of a well known brand because they have some of the best quality products I have ever tried!

I did a full review of this lipstick in 2013 and I'm still on the same tube of lipstick. The one swipe thing is no joke. You do not waste product trying to build up the color with this lipstick. It is there from swipe #1.

Best red lipstick ever.

Here is my full review from 2013 :

This Brush Will Change Your Life ... Or At Least Your Makeup Game

I got the Wayne Goss 03 brush in my Beautylish Lucky bag last year. I'm SO glad I did, because I don't think I would have picked it up on my own. It seemed like it would be too big for eyeshadow from the photos online.

However, it is easily my favorite crease brush. It deposits the perfect, diffused amount of color. It blends easily and can pull shadow out into the most beautiful v-shape. It's just a flawless brush. There is literally nothing I would change about this brush. It is perfect.

It's super soft. It's ethically made. It's an incredible price point for a handmade Japanese brush.

I love it and am purchasing a 2nd one for my pro kit. Wayne Goss brushes are a dream and this one is a must have!

If you want to see it in action, I use it heavily in this video: You can see how it perfectly deposits and blends color at the same time. This brush steps up your makeup game.

Great Affordable Foundation - No Skin Irritation, Great Color Range

I normally can't use drugstore foundations, not because I'm snobby in any way, but because they always caused major skin irritation. The Ordinary full coverage foundation is so gentle on my skin. I am SO pleasantly surprised by how gentle and non-pore clogging their formula is.

I apply directly after moisturizer (and sometimes primer) to get more of a light-medium coverage. Whenever I do this, I always get asked if I'm wearing anything on my skin and what it is. This foundation has a great natural skin finish that you don't typically get with a medium to full coverage foundation.

The only downside for me was that some shades did oxidize (I tried a bunch) and that by the afternoon I would get a slightly dewy/greasy look vs my Tarte or Armani foundations. But the fact that a $7 foundation can compete with my $40-$65 foundations is awesome! I do need to try a matte formula primer or lotion underneath this foundation to see if there is any difference.

This has become my go-to foundation for days I'm just out running a quick errand etc. I love that it doesn't clog my pores and keeps my skin calm. This is a great product!

Also, don't let the coconut alkines in the formula scare you. It's very different than coconut oil, which can cause skin irritation. I have had no skin problems from the ingredients at all.

Here is the video if you need help finding your shade!