Beauty Product Reviews

Great for Those with Allergies, and Water Based!

While I agree that this primer isn't the most heavy duty on the market- that's also one reason to love it. Sure, there are primers that are suited better for extreme sides of the spectrum (very oily skin, or for serious pore tightening, or super dry skin etc.), but it is a great choice if you plan on using on different types of skin. The ingredients are very natural and non-irritating, making a safe choice to use on others, I haven't seen a bad reaction yet! (knock on wood…) If you are looking for hard-hitting ingredients, I would suggest trying a product that caters to your specific skin needs. That way you are sure to get something packed with the tools you are specifically looking for, though remember, those are often not naturally derived and may irritate sensitive skin. I also love the fact that this isn't a silicone based product, and it lets the skin breathe which is rare in the world of primers! If you have a silicone allergy, or are using a foundation that isn't a silicone base this is great- it's LOVELY under MaqPro's STUNNING wax based foundation! (Hello dreamy Bride skin!) I think I'll always keep a tube of this handy, since it's a good all rounder and calms or at least doesn't irritate anyones skin! Give it a try!