Pomegranate Mattifying Face Primer


Mika H.
Holy Graillllll My Love!!!!

Ok I Just Found this product a couple mths ago and it was Live at first sight!!!!!!! I have oily acne prone skin so I have to be careful of what I use Well I have found my Answer!!! This product I swear the very first time I used it my pores looked smaller my face Wasn't all sweaty n greasy I love this Primer I use it Everyday under my makeup ...... Hec I even use it all by itself on my off days caz I Swear it is Soooo good for your skin n keeps your makeup on Allll day!!!!!!

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Erica M.
Great for Those with Allergies, and Water Based!

While I agree that this primer isn't the most heavy duty on the market- that's also one reason to love it. Sure, there are primers that are suited better for extreme sides of the spectrum (very oily skin, or for serious pore tightening, or super dry skin etc.), but it is a great choice if you plan on using on different types of skin. The ingredients are very natural and non-irritating, making a safe choice to use on others, I haven't seen a bad reaction yet! (knock on wood…) If you are looking for hard-hitting ingredients, I would suggest trying a product that caters to your specific skin needs. That way you are sure to get something packed with the tools you are specifically looking for, though remember, those are often not naturally derived and may irritate sensitive skin. I also love the fact that this isn't a silicone based product, and it lets the skin breathe which is rare in the world of primers! If you have a silicone allergy, or are using a foundation that isn't a silicone base this is great- it's LOVELY under MaqPro's STUNNING wax based foundation! (Hello dreamy Bride skin!) I think I'll always keep a tube of this handy, since it's a good all rounder and calms or at least doesn't irritate anyones skin! Give it a try!

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Asia B.

I have true oily skin and this primer does nothing for me. I can say that it helps my foundation go on more smoothly, but it is not mattifying. Becca's matyifying primer is awesome for that! I used the whole tube in order to form a solid opinion.

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Sarah B.
My Go-To Primer

I've tried a lot of different primers over the years and I've got to say that this is my favorite! More than anything I love the texture of the product. To me it almost feels like a moisturizer. It goes on very smooth and light unlike other primers I've used, which leave a film on my skin that I can feel even after I've applied my makeup. It surprises me to see reviews about it not helping keep skin matte, because I have VERY oily skin and I noticed a big difference in the way my makeup held up and how it helped minimize shine throughout the day. I still have to use blotting sheets every now and then, because hey, no product will stop your skins oil production. Overall, this is a great product! Love the scent, love the results, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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Amanda M.

I received this in the pomegranate gift set and decided to give it a try. I'm very particular on which primers I use due to the fact that I have extremely oily skin. I applied this after my MAC oil control lotion. I've heard people complain of a smell in reviews but it didn't bother me much. I applied it all over my face (which is normal for me due to my oily skin) and applied my foundation and powder soon after. This wore for about 1 hour before you could probably see your reflection on my forehead! I know the description of the product is specifically for "pore-minizing" so let me get onto that portion of the review. I didn't notice much of a visible difference from the intial application. Even after finishing my foundation and powder I still wasn't sold on this product. But, not all products are for everyone and I'm sure this will work great on someone else! As for me, this was a miss!

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Shelley W.
A Decent Primer

I received a deluxe sample of this primer from Sephora. I only tried it out for one day to go under my mineral foundation to compare with Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation Primer. Right off the bat I wasn't loving the fragrance though it didn't linger for long. It did fill my large pores and gave my skin a smooth finish in which to apply my mineral foundation but I really didn't see any "wow" changes to my skintone. After 4 hours of wear I did have to reach for the blotting paper. By the end of the day..after 10 hours of wear my make-up was still visible but my pores were visible. Considering my mineral foundation sat well on top of this primer is a great sign that it will also look fine with liquid foundation. Worth a try if you've tried other primers and had horrible skin reactions since this one is water-based and void of certain irritants.

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