Beauty Product Reviews

I really like this bronzer. It's a little expensive at $29.00 a compact but I'm pretty certain it will last a long time. The color is really natural and goes on streak free. I like to use it to contour my face or use it as a highlight or blusher. I have not tried it wet yet but I'm interested to see how it will turn out. Overall I like this as a sublte natural bronzer. I would buy this again.

Teal and cornflower

I love love love these pigments. I purchased the teal and the cornflower colors and I will definitely buy more. The color is so intense and there is a lot of shimmer. Plus they only cost $19.50 and I am sure I will have them for at least a year maybe longer as they are packed with product. Another plus, I can use them as shadow but I can also mix them with lipstick, or gloss, or nail polish. These are a must have for all make up lovers out there. Just be sure to use a good primer so they will stick and reduce fall out. The primer will aslo help the colors to stay bright and not crease as the day goes on. All in all love love love these pigments :)

So I got this free from sephora for my birthday gift. I really like the scent and the shower gel is really moisturizing. This is the first philosophy product I have ever used and I was really pleased. It was really sudsy and unlike most of the other reviews I actually like that the scent fades by the end of the shower since I'm going to lotion and use my own perfume anyway. I mean who really wants to smell like a birthday cake all day long anyway?

These brushes were really nice quality and not too expensive. Great for doing the smokey eye or any eye looks for that matter. The mascara wasn't my favorite since it really is not waterproof at all... but overall I'm satisfied :)