Milkmaid Crown Braid Pictorial!


This is my 1st pictorial :) Please let me know if you like this pictorial, and what my next pictorial should be :) leave me comments if you have any questions! BTW if you don't know how to do the rope braid, you can just make a regular braid, or really any braid ;)

  • Added Aug 02, 2013

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Feb 08, 2014

Briana N.

You are so super adorable! Take care of your gorgeous skin, your complexion is perfection my dear! :)

Feb 08, 2014

Kiyomi K.

Aww... Thanks, but this pictorial is my little 9yr. old sister's face. Her skin is just perfect!! I wish it were me lol she's so gorgeous!

Dec 08, 2013

Kiyomi K.

Thanks Angel :)!

Dec 08, 2013

Angel O.

Cute love the pictorial :)

Aug 06, 2013

Anna L.

Oh yes! The rope braid!