Simple and easy.

First make sure that your hair is straight enough to work with. Wash your hair a couple of days before.

Do a ponytail wherever you will like the bun to be. Now, afterwards you take sections of your ponytail from the outside, roll the selected section into a small donut and securing it with bobby pins. Repeat this process.

Next to create dimension, you simply place a donut over the previous donut made and continue this process ( working your way from the outside of your ponytails towards the center) until there is no more hair to pin.

Make sure the bobby pins aren't noticeable. Secure your hair with hairspray if you don't want your hair to be frizzy or to fall apart because of the movement you'll be making throughout the night.

Hope you like it!

-- Done by a friend! ❤

  • Added May 23, 2013

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May 26, 2013

Jade B.

Very cute!