Velvet manicure - Flocking powder and floral print


Flocking powder is used to give nails a velvet texture finish.
It comes in as a loose material and here is how you apply it:

1. Paint nails with a similar nail polish color to the flocking powder.
2. Sprinkle the flocking powder over the nails while nail is still wet from the nail polish.
3. Allow everything to dry for about a minute and then brush the access powder off with a small fluffy paint brush.
4. Rock those amazing velvet nails... post pictures ti social media sites so that your friends will ooo and aaahhh over them :)

It was a extremely easy application and if you are into nail art including fun 3D type textures on your nails definitely check these out!

~Fenominal Felicia

  • Added May 13, 2013

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