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The philosophy of the thesis. How do you begin it? This is the easiest part of the thesis. All you need is 11 blank sheets of paper, pen, and 10 minutes of your time. Take the first two minutes and write down the first topics in philosophy, key words or subjects, theories or philosophers who come to mind first. Stop when you get to 10 or 2 minutes, whichever comes first.

From that list, take 30 seconds for each one and create a new list of related key words for each of the 10 terms on a separate piece of paper. With the last 3 minutes, place all the papers side by side, look them over, and place them in order according to which interest you the most. Throw away the bottom 8 and make a decision between the final two for your philosophy thesis topic and statement.

Some good topics by for your philosophy thesis include:
Scientific Reasoning
Philosophical Inquiry
Asian Philosophy
Analytic Philosophy
18 th Century European Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Business Ethics
Feminist Philosophy
Philosophy of Art
Moral Theory
Social Philosophy
Political Philosophy
Theory of Knowledge
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy and the Environment
Take your final choices to the advisor you’ve chosen or been assigned who will be guiding you through the thesis process. It is especially important for a philosophy thesis that you have the approval of your advisor before you proceed. In fact, checking in every so often is a good idea. Philosophy is extremely subjective. The advisors have the power of passing you or not and you want to be sure that, especially if you have chosen a philosophy thesis statement with which few on the advising committee agree, that you at least have chosen something relevant and explored it thoroughly.

After choosing your philosophy thesis statement and getting it approved, the time for research has begun. You want to be sure that your sources are appropriately scholarly. Nothing from the back page of a weekly magazine. Cite academic articles only. Create original research if at all possible by interviewing by email or phone (unless subject is local) any experts on your subject matter. Use the opportunity to get in touch with heads of other departments and develop relationships. Most philosophy majors face a career as a professor – or something completely unrelated. So if you intend to use your philosophy thesis to get a foothold in the academic world, make it strong, make it good, and make sure everyone knows about it. You’ve got quite a bit of competition.

Having pointed out that you should check in with your advisor and get the input of others in the field, it should also be pointed out that of equal importance is the idea of privacy. You need your own space to organize your thoughts and research away from everyone else’s input. Once you have gotten the go ahead and gathered together all your notes and original research, lock everyone else out and just write. Complete your draft and re-write or edit it until you feel comfortable before passing it along for some initial criticism. Make sure you are confident with your philosophy thesis before sending it out into the world to be defended.

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