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My Writing inspiration

I’ve read hundreds of books in my lifetime and twice as many articles. I’ve been inspired by a lot of them but only one truly gave me the inspiration to start my own book and begin writing articles as a freelance writer. That book is called the Prometheus Deception by Robert Ludlum; I’ve read all of his books and that one by far is his best work. It was published in 2000 by him before his passing. It was the first excellent piece of literature I had ever read and enjoyed. The book is about a man named Bryson of the Directorate, an ultra-clandestine government agency few know exist and even fewer have been involved with it. Bryson is one of the best the Directorate has ever seen and ever will seen.

Writing Vocabulary and Style

I’ve never read a book with such incredible sensory details and in depth vocabulary. Robert Ludlum hands down has some of the most broad vocabulary and a huge spectrum of knowledge of the world. Definitely my favorite author, and he inspired me to start writing. The immense amount of detail he provided in this book gives the reader a crystal clear image of what he’s explaining and allows you to picture the six-foot tall Caucasian man staring death in the face day in and day out. This book inspired me to start with creative writing because I really do enjoy it and I’d love to produce a piece of literature as fine as this. Just reading Ludlum’s books increased my vocabulary ten-fold as well as giving me a few techniques to help create that imagery so desperately needed in any creative writing piece. Once I learned some of Ludlum’s techniques my writing went from all right to great. I work everyday to improve my writing, and reading books keep me going and gives me inspiration.

Must Read Book for Writers

If it weren’t for reading Robert Ludlum’s books, namely the Prometheus Deception, I might never have started writing and discovered I have a passion for it. Sometimes inspiration comes from the queerest places, but it always comes. I find it hard to write a creative writing piece without reading a book, because without books I feel uninspired to write at all, even simple how to articles. If more people got inspired by books like I did perhaps more people would enjoy writing rather than seeing it as a punishment!

I’m inspired by the book Prometheus Deception, which is by far the best book I have ever read. I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it.

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