Why Your Significant Other Still Plays Video Games

I knew that I was getting the Nintendo Entertainment System three weeks before Christmas. You see, I carefully and quietly snuck into my parent’s bedroom to peel away a little bit of the wrapping paper on the gifts that Santa had addressed directly to me. That year when I saw the NES box on https://playcasinocanada.com/ , I knew that Christmas was going to be great. On Christmas morning, I opened that wrapped red colored box as fast as humanly feasible, acting as surprised as an eight year old possibly could.

You see, the NES was not just any gaming system…it was the only one an eight year old boy wanted. Sure, there was Atari and ColecoVision, but Nintendo was the hot item. So, what made this system a an epic classic? It is the games, the accessories, and the method to get games to work that makes the NES the best video game console of all time.

1. The Classic Games Classics such as, Mario Brothers, Excitebike, The Legend of Zelda, and Mike Tyson’s Punchout…yes Mike Tyson’s Punchout. I would breeze through Soda Popinski, Bald Bull and Don Flamenco the first time fighting them, get very upset when my bike kept overheating, get 1000 lives by repeatedly jumping on a green shell, and beat Zelda a second time. These games also kept my friends and me up many nights: Double Dragon I, II, Bad Dudes, Paperboy, Kung Fu, and Donkey Kong.

2. The Accessories The next Christmas, I received Duck Hunt, which came with a grey and orange pistol. Seriously, how cool was having a gun that you could point at the screen and shoot ducks? Another cool accessory was the Powerpad; it was a square pad with large circles on it, almost like the game Twister. In addition, who can forget the Powerglove…unnecessary but every kid wanted it.

3. When your game stopped working Sometimes a game would not work so you had to turn the power off and blow into the game. This worked fifty percent of the time but if that did not work, you took the game out of the system and blew into console. That method worked around twenty-five percent of the time. Finally, if the game still did not work, you would move the game to the up and down position as fast as possible while turning the power on and off repeatedly. Any combination of these three methods would get the game up and running in no time.

As you can clearly see, the NES started the home gaming industry, dominated the gaming industry for over 20 years, and sparked the video game interest in the 30 something’s age group. The NES is the reason why many young adults still play video games to this day.

  • Added Mar 28, 2019

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