Managing the “Big Data” Revolution

For many companies, there may come a time when their data sets become so large and complex that the traditional database and hardware solutions just won’t be enough. This is the point where companies get involved with “Big Data,” and many companies are starting to realize that a change will be necessary to cope with the massive amounts of digital information being gathered every day.

Big Data is the popular term for the process of creating, manipulating, and managing very large data sets and storage facilities. When the company like is working with terabytes or even petabytes on a weekly, or maybe even daily, basis, they’ve entered a whole new ballgame, and the old solutions probably won’t provide the results that these companies need. New and efficient technology must be implemented in order to pull some order out of the chaos.

One of the first lessons that Big Data taught us is that it’s relatively easy to gather the mass of digital information and put it straight into the database. The problems come when it’s time to get that data back out. The ability to store all that information doesn’t mean much if it isn’t readily accessible and usable.

  • Added Mar 27, 2019

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