Chia seeds- If u don't know, u betta ask somebody!


I've been taking the Chia seeds for a while now, and have noticed a tremendous difference in my overall mood, energy and even complexion (now I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence or if the chia seeds really did help my complexion) But I have noticed brighter clearer skin Yayah! :)

Now one of my favorite things about chia seeds is that I can add 1 tbls to my shake or water and I will get fuller faster without adding a buncha calories or over eating. This is def a plus cause I have been on the fit train for quite sometime-
(Gotta bring sexy back ya know!) lol

Now I'm new to this site, and I'm not sure if we're suppose to talk about things that help improve weight loss, beauty, and health but to me- Beauty, fitness and health kinda go hand in hand- so yeah- I hope u all dig it :)

  • Added Feb 24, 2013

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