Acid Burnt Hand

This was my first attempt at a major area wound, and I think it didn't come out so bad. Anyways I prepped my hand by shaving it, ALWAYS shave the area your going to apply latex it will cling to your hair and will pull it out when your removing it. I then applied about 7 good layers of latex with a disposable triangle blending sponge; I used a blow dryer on each layer to speed up the process and once each layer was dry I powdered it with a shade that matched my skin tone ( I used Manic Panic's Vampires Veil in Moonlight) so the latex blended in with my skin tone. After that I agitated the center of the latex and tore a hole in it. I then took some cotton balls and began to stretch and rip them to make them look like eaten up flesh. I then applies a thin layer of latex on the area of the wound that was open and put the ripped cotton on the latex. Next I took my stage blood and soaked it into the cotton. Around the edges of the wound I applied a matte black shadow to add depth to the wound. I then took various shades of lipsticks ( mostly red's and eggplant shades) and blotted them sporadically on and around the untorn latex and blended it out. I then used some matte dull blue and yellow eye shadows on the same area to create a bruising effect. I then finished it off with some stage blood blotted around the wound

  • Added Feb 01, 2013

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