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  • Added Jan 2, 2012

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**I know this isn't for everyone, but I was bored.. Lol**
1.) I filled in the inner half of my lid with a white pencil.
2.) On the other half of the lid, I used a dark olive green pencil.
3.) With my finger, I blended the two together and softened it at the crease.
4.) I used a yellow pigment wet and covered over the white. The white pencil, as a base, and the wet pigment makes the color pop.
5.) I also used a wet green pigment over the olive pencil.
6.) Blended the two together in the middle.
7.) I used a dark purple in the crease and worked it up onto the brow bone.
8.) I blended in a pinker purple into the dark purple because it wasn't exactly the color I wanted.
9.) For my highlight color, I put a flesh tone eyeshadow under my brow and blended down into the purples.
10.) Faintly I drew on a guideline for my bottom liner *Normally I'd use a white eyeshadow to draw on my guidelines because it can easily be cleaned if I mess up but it wouldn't show in the photo..So I used a light gray*
11.) Used the same color to draw a guideline for a wing out from the bottom.
12.) I traced over the inner half of the guideline with a bright blue eyeshadow.
13.) On the outer half and up through the wing, I traced the line with a rich purple.
14.) I blended the two colors together. Also, I blended in the rich purple into the other colors in the eyeshadow, just so I wouldn't have any harsh color changes.
15.) I added a light shimmery blue underneath the bright blue liner.
16.) Placed some white for a base on the inner part of the eye, by the duct and blended up with my finger.
17.) On top of that, I used a shimmery white eyeshadow.
18.) I used a bright blue eyeliner pencil on the inner part of my waterline.
19.) On the other half of the waterline I used a purple pencil.
20.) So the colors would stay vivid, I carefully patted the matching colors of eye shadows on top of the waterline.
21.) Applied a thin layer of liquid liner to the top lid.
22.) I didn't feel like fake lashes, so I just applied mascara. **You could fill in your eyebrows and be done here, but I was bored.. Lol**
23.) Because I have dark brows, I covered them with a white pencil.
24.) On the inner part of the brow, I used the same blue from bottom liner.
25.) On the rest of the brow, I blended in the rich purple.
26.) Above the brow I used a flesh tone eyeshadow to clean up where the color got on the skin..
..and DONE!!