I dyed my hair purple!


Well, some of it... lol.
This is Special Effects semi-permanent dye in Virgin Rose.
I didnt bleach or lighten my hair first - this is how it looks on darker hair.
To start, I used a shampoo that would leave my hair dryer (avoid moisturizing shampoos or shampoos for dry hair) and left out the conditioner so the color would absorb better on my dry hair. After towel drying for a bit, I sectioned and tied up the hair that I didn't want to dye, leaving some of my bangs and large chunks my my ears, on the underside of my hair. I then combed on the color and left it on for about an hour. During that time, I used my hair dryer on it a bit because heat helps the color absorb more. When rinsing it off, I put on a shower cap and put my head under the faucet, facing up, so no dye would get on my face until the water ran clean. I dried my hair afterwards. And that's it!

  • Added Jan 6, 2013

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