Rainbow makeup and fun braids


Practicing Rainbow make up for my sister's Neon Dance at school, not the hair we are going to do but decided to try this out! Giovi eyeshadow palette and other products not taggable!

  • Added Jan 27, 2013

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Feb 10, 2013

Cameron R.

I really like the idea behind this look, but I feel like maybe using a bright matte purple in the creaseline instead of the shimmery blue/brown combo would have made this more flattering and brought out her crease more! The use of shimmer all over makes it very one dimensional, and she has a really beautiful eye shape that could be played up to do her some justice.
= )

Feb 11, 2013

Ashlie J.

Thanks, it was inspired off a video from youtube. Believe it or not it is actually a shimmery black in her crease line, but it has a gold shimmer which may be what's making it appear brownish. I used the purples under her eye because she has really pretty hazel brown eyes that pop with purple and I usually line her water line with purples for her everyday look! I was actually having a horrible time getting the colors to stay and show up even with a primer, lol. I don't usually use matte colors for this reason, vibrancy and stay power just doesn't seem to be there for me, lol. Plus she is young so the shimmer is playful and youthful with her, trying to avoid too sexy or vixen-ish, :) But I love this little girl, she is already becoming a knock out at only 15! x_x

Feb 11, 2013

Ashlie J.

Would you believe she hates being my barbie?? lol.