Messy hair.

  • Added Jan 19, 2013

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Jan 20, 2013

Jennifer C.

Hey I love your hair. I have really curly hair too but it's more tamed you know. It used to be crazy like yours which I love but after straightening every week it become and little more tamed. But I like to straightening it because it longer its up to a little more pass my collar bone. Curly it's over my shoulder. It bothers that its that short. Anywho, any tips on growing hair longer faster and any hairstyles for short curly hair? 

Jan 20, 2013

Glenda P.

First off id like to say thanks.

Straightening your hair so often is really horrible for curly hair. It boils it from the inside which over time you lose your bounce. If you want it back try washing your hair with salfate free shampoo/conditioners and tieing it up before bed so your hair keeps it bounce. Im not so sure on hair growth but im assuming keeping it tied helps. Oh, try massaging your scalp with olive oil and wrapping it up.