Beauty Product Reviews

Delivers for ANY Hair Type!

I've been using this product in my hair for well over two years now, and I still love it just as much as I did the first time I used it. It provides thermal protection which is VERY important, it really smooths my hair, makes my hair very shinny/manageable, smells fantastic, and I love that I can use it on wet and/or dry hair.

It is very easy to use, as it is a spray. No fuss, no mess. Having fine hair a lot of products weight my hair down, but this product doesn't. I use it on unwashed hair, and it doesn't make my hair look, or feel oily.. I love to use this on towel dried hair before blow drying, then again as a finishing spray for extra shine, OR section by section before using a flat iron or curling iron/wand, etc. It really helps tame frizz!

I highly recommend this product to everyone!

My new Foundation of Choice!

Now, I came from using really high end foundations to this. I really wasn't expecting much out of it, and I ended up loving it. I use it in the shade 100 Shell. The price is really what's so amazing about the product, it seriously costs about $9.00 max; depending on where you go. I've seen it go for $7.45. Anyway, I get a very good coverage and longevity out of this foundation. I get a really beautiful glow, and seamless coverage. It seems to just blend perfectly with my skin. It's actually the first time I was able to find a suitable shade for my skin tone. I love this, I think it's fantastic and works very well with my skin tone, and skin type.


I was recommended this for a long time, and I finally decided to try it out. I usually love all BedHead products, but not this one. I don't like the consistency of this because it is too watery, and when I rub it in my hands it almost feels "soapy." It really makes my hair feel very crunchy; not what I had in mind. I've used it on both dry, and wet hair but I just don't like it. I have split ends, and I used it on my hair after it was straightened and it actually made my hair break. I really wanted to like this product, and I tried using it in different ways, but sadly it just didn't work out for me. On the plus side, it does smell super nice!

Another Favorite

I don't always use this hair mask mostly because I find it to be very pricey! But, when I do have this on hand I fall in love with it all over again. It's really great to use as a hair mask once a week, to maybe everyday. It doesn't weigh my hair down at all, and gives my hair so much shine! Since I have fine hair, that is a major plus for me. The consistency of this hair mask is a little runny, almost like it has a lot of water. It feels a lot like a regular conditioner. When I use it I like to put it on dry hair, and leave it in for an entire day, or overnight. I just wash/rinse my hair out the following morning, or that evening.

Life Saver

I've used this on and off over the past four years as needed. I do a lot with my hair as far as color goes, and this really gives my hair the repair it needs. It smells so yummy, and it makes my hair smell great. It really adds softness, shine, manageability, decreases tangling, and helps repair my hair at it's worst stages.

The consistency of the product is very thick, much like a hair mask. My hair is on the finer side, but I do have a lot of it. I love that it doesn't weigh down my hair, make it oily. My hair will just absorb everything out of this. Overall, I think it's great for a deep conditioner/mask, and really helpful for hair that's been previously lightened.


BedHead, thank you for always making all of your products smell good enough to eat! This is my absolute favorite hair spray because it isn't a firm hold spray. I would consider this more of a finishing spray. It provides a manageable finish, with shine. I recommend using this on loose curls, blow outs, and I think it's great for light weight teasing action, and for smoothing down pesky fly-away hairs. Overall, I love it and I think it's a great staple in every woman's hair product collection.

Holy Grail Conditoner

This conditioner is probably one of the absolute best out there, that delivers. It is very light weight, and it won't weigh down fine hair at all. It will give hair that moisture it yearns for, as well as a healthy shine. It detangles, instantly moisturizes dry hair, and even helps tame frizz. I absolutely love, and will always, and forever challenge someone to try it and not fall in love. It is fantastic for everyday use, or as your regular conditioner. So, if you're in the market for one conditioner this one is it, baby!


I've been using this shampoo, and conditioner for about a year, and I am still impressed by it. First of all, the smell is amazing like most BedHead products! For someone who dyes/changes their hair color often this is really the trick to keeping my hair healthy. I like to use it as my regular shampoo and conditioner; twice a week. It really gives my hair that extra love and care it needs after I'm done with it! I highly recommend this for anyone who has lightened their hair, has color treated hair in general, or dry, brittle, damaged hair. This is what keeps my hair soft, shinny, manageable, healthy, and allows me do keep doing whatever I want to it!