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Beauty Product Reviews

everything you need!

let's say you're literally just starting in makeup & you buy this palette. all you would pretty much need is foundation, a few primers, mascara, and some brushes. seriously, this palette is great! it has so many colors to choose from and they're organized in an oblique direction going from dark to light (or light to dark) depending on how you look at it. the shadows range from shimmery, a few glittery, matte (good selection), and satins. depending on your primer, they won't crease. pigmentation is great also. the cream liners are nice as well. they'll last you a good amount of time. me being a waitress and running around for a few hours with high temperatures, they tend to slip (i also don't set them either which is something you should do when applying cream products). the blushes are nice as well but i would prefer at least one matte shade (all 3 are shimmery). for the cost, it's a great deal. it all depends on how you use it and what you're using with it.

good value, great colors, perfect for anything.

i never owned the first naked palette so when the naked2 palette came out, i gave in and got it. luckily, it arrived on christmas eve! you get 12 full size urban decay eye shadows for the price of less than half of what it'd cost if you bought the shades individually. pigmentation is pretty nice and acceptable. there are 3 matte shades and the rest are shimmery. the palette starts with a few highlights and ends in the darkest crease color that you can get - black of course. the shadows are a bit powdery when picking the color up onto your brush. there is slight fallout, depending on each color.

as for packaging, the shadows, mirror and brush are placed in plastic which is encased in a tin. it opens/closes by 2 snapping closures (left and right of the palette) which is great and secure.

instead of a mini bottle of the primer potion, there is a mini lip gloss in naked which actually has a pretty cute cap to it and the dispenser is the soft gel type tube (i like these better than the hard plastic dispensers on tubed lip glosses). the double ended brush is a great addition to the palette, of course you can always take it out and replcace it with a mini eye liner and mini applicator or just a full sized eye liner itself. the flat side of the brush isn't that great but the fluffy side is good for applying color all over the eye and even going in with a darker color.

would i buy this again? of course! love it.

too smelly.

i bought this a while ago for medium to dark & i must say, it is a bit better than the nivea sunkissed legs tanning lotion but still, i can't get over it. i'd put it on and even after hours, i'd have the smell on me. i did notice a small amount of color change on me but it wasn't as promising as the shades shown on the bottle. so be careful, results may vary depending on how you use it (ie: if you apply other moisturizers and lotions, daily use or every other day usage, etc). the application of this wasn't hard at all, the texture was almost like it was water based. it's important to wash your hands right after application because the smell stays and it just might turn the middle of your fingers orange (i know from experience). would i buy this again? no. i still have my bottle on my vanity and just wanted to get this review done. i think i might give it a second try and really test it out hardcore and blog about it at the same time.