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Endless Color Blockbuster


AngeLica K.

Received as a gift for Christmas. It looked great and color appetizing. The eyeshadows did disappoint. Some colors sticked but most didn't. Even with the Shadow Insurance, the colors just did not add up to what it looked like in the pot. The bronzer and blushes werent as bad. The lip colors werent that great either. Nice to experiment with. More for the 13-17 crowd

Amy L.
More Suited For A Younger Crowd

What a bummer this set was. I received it as a Christmas gift from my fiance's mom (I would have preferred the Naked pallet but I won't go there). The colors are bright in the case but once applied are quite disappointing. Even over primer and NYX crayons as a base, the colors do not pop much. The ones with glitter are basically just glitter and no color while the shimmer ones look promising but fade after an hour of wear. The blushes are not very pigmented as well and actually caused me to break out in a rash. The lip colors are not much to be desired either and are terribly sticky. Overall, save your money and purchase a higher end pallet like Urban Decay or Too Faced. You may not get as many colors, but at least you'll be able to use it.

Emily M.
everything you need!

let's say you're literally just starting in makeup & you buy this palette. all you would pretty much need is foundation, a few primers, mascara, and some brushes. seriously, this palette is great! it has so many colors to choose from and they're organized in an oblique direction going from dark to light (or light to dark) depending on how you look at it. the shadows range from shimmery, a few glittery, matte (good selection), and satins. depending on your primer, they won't crease. pigmentation is great also. the cream liners are nice as well. they'll last you a good amount of time. me being a waitress and running around for a few hours with high temperatures, they tend to slip (i also don't set them either which is something you should do when applying cream products). the blushes are nice as well but i would prefer at least one matte shade (all 3 are shimmery). for the cost, it's a great deal. it all depends on how you use it and what you're using with it.

Lani W.
Love my palette!

I have this thing, when I go to places with make up. I stick my finger in the eyeshadow testers, very gently. The more color that comes off with a gentle touch, the better I figure that shadow is. Sephora has great shadows. Would I argue the best, no. But very great deal since the best are often more pricey. I love playing in mine!

Lindsey F.
I use it at least 5 days out of the week.

I use this palette pretty much every day and for good reason. It is so compact that I travel with it. Why bring your whole traincase when you travel when you have almost everything you need in this palette. The ONLY complaint I have is that the you can't take your lip color with you. The colors are so pretty but you can't re-apply your gloss without carrying the whole thing in your purse every single day. Overall, I love it.

Nichole C.
better palettes out there that are less expensive

The only problem i have is with the eyeshadows i notice that even with primer they do not last and wear off quickly..The colors that come in the palette are pretty all are shimmer wish there was matte colors as well I was given this as a gift

Stacey G.

I really like the sephora brand! The eyeshadows are super pigmented and I love the variety of colors! The blushes are also very pigmented and I use my sephora pallete almost on a daily basis.

Sarah F.

This is actually the palette I use in every and each one of my tutorials because of the number of eyeshadow colors! It is amazing! They are very well pigmented and easy to work it, they blend very well. I had it for Christmas from my gradma (so yes, I got it free hahaha) and I think it was my best gift. The liners are GREAT, and the blushes are really BEAUTIFUL! The creams are very easy to work with, not too sticky, they are perfect. The gloss are great... But they could be better I think. Some of them are awesome, and some others are... well not great. They aren't glossy at all sometimes. But the colors are great, so all isn't bad! I really like this palette, though I would have liked to know to number of each gloss and eyeshadow! How are we suppose to buy them again after?...

Naomi D.
Love Love Love, but...
Photo of product included with review by Naomi D.

I absolutely loved this product from Sephora, especially for the $48 price! The options are amazing, but I wish it came with some sort of pamphlet listing out each gloss color. I don't want to have to take it to Sephora and ask an employee "can you help me find a tube of this?"

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Amanda K.
Options Options Options!

The choices in this kit are endless and for me there's no other way to experiment with a new look besides having a large amount of choices. The brand itself has never let me down the eyeshadows are true to the color (this goes for everything included) you see apply well and stay on all night. I'd suggest it to anyone from someone who's new to makeup or a pro. I can't wait to see what they release next.