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Dec 31, 2011

Skye W.

Hi Dan-Neika! I also live in Georgia and I'm an aspiring makeup artist but my mom doesn't seem to like the idea of me going all over the place"painting people's faces" So I when I grow up I'll at least need another job. I'm pretty gifted in the arts, I sing,dance,act,write great literature, and I play two instruments. What's acting like? How'd you get into the business?

Jan 06, 2012

Dannichickflygirl M.

I just started attending acting classes and then one thing led to the next. It's all about networking. You must also do your own research and go to websites to see if there are any auditions/casting calls. Anyone can act, so there's really no art behind it. I never attended acting school and I've gotten some supporting roles in small, indie films. Go to: and Hope this helps!

Jan 13, 2012

Skye W.

Thank you sooo much! Will talk to my mom about it and check out those websites. God bless! :)

Dannichickflygirl M.

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My name is Dan-Neika. I love doing make up tutorials, and I love color. I'm a die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan and, uhhh, yeah. I found out about Beautylish from VintageOrTacky on YouTube, so I am thankful for her. And, uhh, yeah -- I do what I can, however, I know that I can be better once I attend a great make up school. Thus far, I've beat faces for actors on set, weddings, Halloween, club events, and New Years Eve, jus to name a few. As stated, I am a court reporter and actor, so I am humbled by my multi-talented'ness. I'mma great chick to know, soo, yeah, uhhhh. I am proud to be apart of the Beautylish community!

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