Beauty Product Reviews

Great scent and fantastic packaging!

I bought this fragrance on a whim and was happy I the scent. The packaging is gorgeous. Will have to explore so of the other fragrances now. Not over powering. BF likes it too!

Yummy sweet and natural coconut fragrance. Highly recommended.

Indian Coconut Nectar is a very light, not over powering. Love that it is a natural fragrance. I prefer personally the Island Vanilla but if you love coconut you will love this.


Simply decadent! I love this body oil...the .oil soaks in and dries quickly leaving behind the beautiful scent of Angel by Thierry Muegler. Light and not over powering. Highly recommended.

Light but good coverage

I really love this cream. It has a perfect tint for my skin and I don't need to use any kind of powder on top as it is non greasy. Love that it has a triple purpose....moisturize, sunscreen and foundation. For the price it can't be beat. Highly recommended.

Sophisticated scent

I first experienced this scent from a co worker and had to have it. At the time it was a very pricey perfume. It's a beautiful scent....memorable for sure...air of sophistication is the best way I can describe it. Worth trying if you have not.

For hazel eyes

I got this to bring out my natural eye colour and it does a good job. Very understated though so if you like bold colours this isn't for you. Good quality for the price.

Not for me

I had high hopes for this....I found it very thin....does not give great coverage...I do use it in the summer for the spf properties but it gets easily rubbed off. I found it too thin for me but others may like it. For the price I paid I was very disappointed.


Dune is a rich earthy scent....very soothing to the senses...the bottle is very pretty....price is very affordable...perfume lasts...the lotion is just as nice and if you can manage to find a set it would be well worth it....what's not to like! Recommended.

Does the job

I believe this was an addition with purchase and it works well. The tone is right for fair complexion and does a good job of a base concealer...underneath foundation. It is thick and creamy and easy to apply.

Very nice foundation

This is a nice foundation with sun protection SPF of 10. It has nice coverage for a smooth balanced complexion. Ivory is a perfect shade for me. For the price of this foundation it is well worth it and is comparable to more expensive brands. Highly recommended.

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