Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Perfume


Curiosidades E.
Yummy sweet and natural coconut fragrance. Highly recommended.

Indian Coconut Nectar is a very light, not over powering. Love that it is a natural fragrance. I prefer personally the Island Vanilla but if you love coconut you will love this.

Sophie G.
Subtle, but Sweet Scent

I'm a huge fan of coconut, so when I found this fragrance I was hooked. It's tropical, light, and perfect for summer. However, don't expect to the scent to be very strong, it's very subtle and in no way overwhelming.

Laura  G.
Great Product

I just purchased this today at my local Target store and I got the Roller - Ball version of this scent. It is perfect for the Spring and Summer seasons, adding a bit of zip to your day. I do have to say that it is VERY expensive. My little Roller - Ball was $12 which to me is alot. I got it though because of its smell, it is an amazing smell! So far I love it, hopefully you will to if you decide to get it :)