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  • Beauty Detox: This Is Good Fat

    Beauty Detox: This Is Good Fat

    We all want beautiful skin, and in the colder months it’s extra important to use more moisturizer and hydrate your skin through your diet. This week, celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder brings us a yummy recipe for avocado guacamole, the perfect food that contains good fat to moisturize your skin from the inside out!

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  • Hair Bow Inspiration
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    Hair Bow Inspiration

    Girlie, playful, and creative, bows are the perfect way to dress up your hairstyles. Keep reading for more inspiration on the ultra feminine tie.

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  • Trend: Galaxy Nails
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    Trend: Galaxy Nails

    We’re all made of stardust, but have you ever thought of painting it onto your nails? From nebulae to the Milky Way, we show you how to put the cosmos on your fingertips.

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