Beauty Product Reviews

I love this palette! I was skeptical at first because of the price but I heard so much good stuff about it I bought one for myself. Its true what everyone says, I love it because it stays on all day. Its easy to apply. I use it for work, night, etc.

A coworker referred me to this product and I fell in love with it. I tried a bunch of expensive brands and this primer works the best out of all of them. Usually without primer my face gets oily by the afternoon but with this product I stayed shine and oily free. I also use it during the weekend by itself and it actually evens out my skin.

My doctor recommended this product to me after the last pregnancy resulted in the pregnancy rash called PUPPS. I now use it religiously. It stays on all day and keeps me moisturized and leaves my skin feeling soft. I also use it for my son who has eczema.

I love this product. I tried a lot of different products for my sensitive skin which usually causes me to break out but this is the first one that worked well with my skin. The foundation is very light and it doesn't feel heavy. It feels like I'm not wearing any at all.