Moisturizing Cream


Melissa W.

this mosturizer is absolutely wonderful. it holds its moisture all day. I apply morning an night. I will say somedays it feels a tad oily on me. my dermatoligist believes in this brand an so do I. gentle on skin, basic mosturizer for a fair prize. all should buy. all of their products are good for all skin types.

Endia P.
Only thing that does it for me

I have naturally dry skin that can suck the moisture out of any product and leave nothing but ask behind. This is the only product that hydrates my skin and leaves me moisturized all day without any greasy discomfort. So in LOVE!!

Sckye Y.

This was a prescribed cream from my dermatologist as I have terribly dry skin on the elbows and on the legs. On cold months, I need apply this twice a day but on the rest, once will do. I really love it and it has never failed me for the past 4 years... For the face though, I prefer not to use it because I'm a combination oily/dry so it tends to get oily if i use the product.

Hanna T.

This is a very thick and hydrating cream. My face can get really dry and its not a good feeling, but this makes my face fell soft and smooth. It mosturises and softens, I love this product so much that I swear by it. It also only takes a small amount to put onto your face, so it lasts for a good time.

Mariah G.
Skin savior!

I was having troubles with dry patches due to using too many harsh products on my face. Within one day, this cured my dry patches. If your skin is oily I recommend only using this at night, in the morning you wake up with soft, supple skin (: a little goes a long way!

Kate L.
Good for body, NOT for face

When I ran out of my St. Ives moisturizer, I had nothing to put on my face at night. Then I read that the Cetaphil I'd been using on my body was "appropriate for facial use," and I thought, great! I started putting a tiny bit all over my face at night, and my face started breaking out, which I thought must be due to the adjustment. Then I woke up in the middle of the night because my face was itching, and when I rubbed it, I found that my nose area was an oil slick. I immediately went out and bought my St. Ives again, and my skin has cleared up perfectly. I never, ever had such oily skin or breakouts as when I put this on my face. Unless you have VERY dry skin, it's not for you.

Cameron R.
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing product.

This, in conjunction with Cetaphil gentle cleanse is what helped my skin clear up at 17. I was using Differin, which is very drying topical gel and loved how this product took away that tight and dry feeling that Differin could leave you with even after it had been washed off. While it is pretty thick, it doesn't feel very greasy and sinks into the skin very quicky. A little goes a long way, and use clean hands! = P

Laura D.
cured my dry face in one night

my dermatologist recommended this to me a while back and i used it for a while then stopped. recently my skin had been dry and peeling and nothing could make it look good; makeup just emphasized the flakes. so i got this stuff out because i remembered it was pretty thick and put a bunch on my face, went to sleep, and my face was fixed. i have added it back into my daily routine.. it keeps my skin looking good

Meghan M.
Fantastic moisturizer!

Great moisturizer! I usually have to apply 3 rounds of any facial moisturizer, but I use a small amount of this on my face and I'm good for the day! It's wonderful. After a week of using it, there was only one day when it got a little oily feeling. A little dab of those oil papers and I was fine. I also use it on my legs, arms, shoulders, etc. and it's awesome! A little dab goes a long way with this.

Katie J.

After a long search, I think I have found my HG moisturizer. Since my cheeks and the rest of my face have completely different needs, most of the products I have tried haven't worked. I didn't want to have to use a separate product for one part of my face. The Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream does an excellent job of getting rid of patchy, peeling spots on my dry cheeks. However, it doesn't leave my oily forehead greasy at all. I can wear this day or night and even under makeup. It doesn't irritate my extremely acne prone skin at all. This is an amazing product and I don't see myself ever switching to something else now that I've found what I've been looking for!